GlPortal Class Reference  0.1.1
Source code documentation of the free and open 3D action puzzle game.
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glPortal::Game Class Reference

#include <include/glPortal/Game.hpp>

Inherits radix::BaseGame.

Public Member Functions

 Game ()
void processInput ()
void update ()
GameControllergetGameController ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from radix::BaseGame
 BaseGame ()
virtual ~BaseGame ()
 BaseGame (const BaseGame &)=delete
BaseGame operator= (const BaseGame &)=delete
 BaseGame (BaseGame &&)=delete
BaseGame operator= (BaseGame &&)=delete
bool isRunning ()
virtual void cleanUp ()
virtual void close ()
virtual void render ()
void setup ()
WorldgetWorld ()
ScreenRenderergetScreenRenderer ()
GameWorldgetGameWorld ()
WindowgetWindow ()

Private Member Functions

void initHook ()

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< GameControllergameController
std::unique_ptr< GameRenderergameRenderer
std::unique_ptr< UiRendereruiRenderer
double dtime

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from radix::BaseGame
static Fps fps
- Protected Member Functions inherited from radix::BaseGame
void loadMap ()
virtual void prepareCamera ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from radix::BaseGame
Window window
World world
Config config
GameWorld gameWorld
std::shared_ptr< ScreenRendererscreenRenderer
std::unique_ptr< Rendererrenderer
std::unique_ptr< Cameracamera
std::shared_ptr< radix::Screenscreen
EventDispatcher::CallbackHolder screenshotCallbackHolder
std::string defaultMap = "/maps/n1.xml"
std::string windowTitle = "RadixEngine"
bool closed
unsigned int currentTime = 0
unsigned int nextUpdate = 0
unsigned int lastUpdate = 0
unsigned int lastRender = 0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

glPortal::Game::Game ( )

Member Function Documentation

GameController& glPortal::Game::getGameController ( )
void glPortal::Game::initHook ( )

Reimplemented from radix::BaseGame.

void glPortal::Game::processInput ( )

Reimplemented from radix::BaseGame.

void glPortal::Game::update ( )

Reimplemented from radix::BaseGame.

Field Documentation

double glPortal::Game::dtime
std::unique_ptr<GameController> glPortal::Game::gameController
std::unique_ptr<GameRenderer> glPortal::Game::gameRenderer
std::unique_ptr<UiRenderer> glPortal::Game::uiRenderer

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