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radix::Matrix4f Class Reference

#include <external/RadixEngine/include/radix/core/math/Matrix4f.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Matrix4f ()
 Matrix4f (const Vector3f &, const Quaternion &)
void setIdentity ()
void translate (const Vector3f &v)
void rotate (float angle, float x, float y, float z)
void rotate (const Quaternion &quat)
void scale (float scale)
void scale (const Vector3f &scale)
Vector3f transform (const Vector3f &v) const
float * toArray ()
std::string str () const
Quaternion getRotation () const
Vector3f getPosition () const
float operator[] (int i) const
float & operator[] (int i)
bool operator== (const Matrix4f &) const
bool operator!= (const Matrix4f &) const
Matrix4f operator* (const Matrix4f &) const
Vector4f operator* (const Vector4f &) const
Vector3f operator* (const Vector3f &) const

Static Public Attributes

static const Matrix4f Identity

Private Attributes

float a [16]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

radix::Matrix4f::Matrix4f ( )
radix::Matrix4f::Matrix4f ( const Vector3f t,
const Quaternion q 

Member Function Documentation

Vector3f radix::Matrix4f::getPosition ( ) const
Quaternion radix::Matrix4f::getRotation ( ) const
bool radix::Matrix4f::operator!= ( const Matrix4f m) const
Matrix4f radix::Matrix4f::operator* ( const Matrix4f m) const
Vector4f radix::Matrix4f::operator* ( const Vector4f v) const
Vector3f radix::Matrix4f::operator* ( const Vector3f v) const
bool radix::Matrix4f::operator== ( const Matrix4f m) const
float radix::Matrix4f::operator[] ( int  i) const
float& radix::Matrix4f::operator[] ( int  i)
void radix::Matrix4f::rotate ( float  angle,
float  x,
float  y,
float  z 
void radix::Matrix4f::rotate ( const Quaternion quat)
void radix::Matrix4f::scale ( float  scale)
void radix::Matrix4f::scale ( const Vector3f scale)
void radix::Matrix4f::setIdentity ( )
std::string radix::Matrix4f::str ( ) const
float * radix::Matrix4f::toArray ( )
Vector3f radix::Matrix4f::transform ( const Vector3f v) const
void radix::Matrix4f::translate ( const Vector3f v)

Field Documentation

float radix::Matrix4f::a[16]
const Matrix4f radix::Matrix4f::Identity

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