GlPortal Class Reference  0.1.1
Source code documentation of the free and open 3D action puzzle game.
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1 #ifndef PORTAL_HPP
2 #define PORTAL_HPP
4 #include <memory>
5 #include <bullet/BulletCollision/btBulletCollisionCommon.h>
13 namespace glPortal {
15 class Portal : public radix::Component {
16 public:
17  static const int PORTAL_RANGE;
20  static const double NOISE_FADE_DELAY;
21  static const double OPEN_ANIM_DURATION;
22  static const float SURFACE_OFFSET;
24  Portal(radix::Entity &ent);
25  ~Portal();
28  void placeOnWall(const radix::Vector3f &launchPos, const radix::Vector3f &point, const radix::Vector3f &normal);
33  double openSince;
36  bool open;
37  bool isUncolliderActive = false;
38  std::unique_ptr<btDefaultMotionState> uncolliderMotionState;
39  std::unique_ptr<btCollisionShape> uncolliderShape;
40  std::unique_ptr<btCollisionObject> uncollider;
41  struct Wrapper {
42  std::unique_ptr<btCollisionShape> vertShape, horzShape;
43  struct Side {
44  std::unique_ptr<btRigidBody> body;
45  std::unique_ptr<btDefaultMotionState> motionState;
46  } top, right, bottom, left;
47  } wrapper;
49 private:
50  // TODO: move this to PortalSystem v
51  void placeWrapperPiece(const radix::Vector3f &p, const radix::Quaternion &o, const radix::Vector3f &s,
52  const std::unique_ptr<btCollisionShape> &shape, Wrapper::Side &side, const radix::Vector3f &offset);
53 };
55 } /* namespace glPortal */
57 #endif /* PORTAL_HPP */
std::unique_ptr< btDefaultMotionState > motionState
Definition: Portal.hpp:45
struct glPortal::Portal::Wrapper::Side right
struct glPortal::Portal::Wrapper wrapper
std::unique_ptr< btCollisionObject > uncollider
Definition: Portal.hpp:40
std::unique_ptr< btCollisionShape > vertShape
Definition: Portal.hpp:42
static const radix::Vector3f BLUE_COLOR
Definition: Portal.hpp:18
radix::Vector3f getDirection() const
radix::Vector3f getScaleMult() const
radix::Vector3f color
Definition: Portal.hpp:35
Definition: Portal.hpp:41
void placeOnWall(const radix::Vector3f &launchPos, const radix::Vector3f &point, const radix::Vector3f &normal)
ECS entity, Component container It is created like this:
Definition: Entity.hpp:23
Definition: Screen.hpp:10
Definition: Vector4f.hpp:117
void placeWrapperPiece(const radix::Vector3f &p, const radix::Quaternion &o, const radix::Vector3f &s, const std::unique_ptr< btCollisionShape > &shape, Wrapper::Side &side, const radix::Vector3f &offset)
Definition: Portal.hpp:15
static const double OPEN_ANIM_DURATION
Definition: Portal.hpp:21
radix::Material maskTex
Definition: Portal.hpp:32
Base class to create entity components.
Definition: Component.hpp:25
static const radix::Vector3f ORANGE_COLOR
Definition: Portal.hpp:19
struct glPortal::Portal::Wrapper::Side bottom
radix::Mesh stencilMesh
Definition: Portal.hpp:34
double openSince
Definition: Portal.hpp:33
radix::Vector3f direction
Definition: Portal.hpp:35
struct glPortal::Portal::Wrapper::Side left
static const float SURFACE_OFFSET
Definition: Portal.hpp:22
std::unique_ptr< btDefaultMotionState > uncolliderMotionState
Definition: Portal.hpp:38
static const double NOISE_FADE_DELAY
Definition: Portal.hpp:20
std::unique_ptr< btCollisionShape > uncolliderShape
Definition: Portal.hpp:39
std::unique_ptr< btCollisionShape > horzShape
Definition: Portal.hpp:42
radix::Material overlayTex
Definition: Portal.hpp:32
Definition: Mesh.hpp:10
struct glPortal::Portal::Wrapper::Side top
static const int PORTAL_RANGE
Definition: Portal.hpp:17
bool open
Definition: Portal.hpp:36
bool isUncolliderActive
Definition: Portal.hpp:37
3-dimensional float-based vector/point storage and manipulation struct
Definition: Vector3f.hpp:27
radix::Mesh overlayMesh
Definition: Portal.hpp:34
Portal(radix::Entity &ent)
std::unique_ptr< btRigidBody > body
Definition: Portal.hpp:44
Definition: Portal.hpp:43
Definition: Material.hpp:11