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Public Types | Data Fields
radix::Text Struct Reference

#include <external/RadixEngine/include/radix/data/text/Text.hpp>

Public Types

enum  Align { Left, Right, Center }

Data Fields

Vector4f color
Vector3f position
std::string id
std::string type
std::string font
std::string content
Align align
float z
float top
float size

Member Enumeration Documentation


Field Documentation

Align radix::Text::align
Vector4f radix::Text::color
std::string radix::Text::content
std::string radix::Text::font
std::string radix::Text::id
Vector3f radix::Text::position
float radix::Text::size
float radix::Text::top
std::string radix::Text::type
float radix::Text::z

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