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Static Public Member Functions | Static Private Attributes
radix::ArgumentsParser Class Reference

#include <external/RadixEngine/include/radix/env/ArgumentsParser.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static void showUsage (char **argv)
static void setEnvironmentFromArgs (const int argc, char **argv)
static void populateConfig (radix::Config &config)

Static Private Attributes

static std::string mapName = ""
static std::string mapPath = ""
static bool showCursor = false
static bool ignoreGlVersion = false
static bool debugMode = false

Member Function Documentation

void radix::ArgumentsParser::populateConfig ( radix::Config config)
void radix::ArgumentsParser::setEnvironmentFromArgs ( const int  argc,
char **  argv 

Command Line arguments

  • version
    Display the current version.
  • datadir
    Set directory where the game data is stored.
  • help
    Display the help.
  • map
    Set the map that should be loaded.
  • mapFromPath
    Set the map that should be loaded.
  • showCursor
    Forces os mouse cursor to be drawn Defaults to false;

getopt error handling getopt has already shown an error message.

  • ignoreGlVersion
    Disable OpenGl version check
  • debugMode
    Run game in debug mode
void radix::ArgumentsParser::showUsage ( char **  argv)

Field Documentation

bool radix::ArgumentsParser::debugMode = false
bool radix::ArgumentsParser::ignoreGlVersion = false
std::string radix::ArgumentsParser::mapName = ""
std::string radix::ArgumentsParser::mapPath = ""
bool radix::ArgumentsParser::showCursor = false

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